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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Do you ever feel a bit depressed as you open your clothes cupboard to dress each morning? Do you look at a vast array of items yet struggle to work out what to wear? Is it ever an effort to close overstuffed, disorganized drawers? Or do many of your clothes seem to permanently reside on the floor? Creating order out of chaos is one of the great psychological tasks of life. And it starts in the home. A tidy house evokes feelings of bliss. Would you like to expel shavasana-like sighs as you open organised drawers - everything in its place and easily visible? Would you like to see celestial beams erupt and hear a heavenly chorus each time you open your wardrobe? Feel euphoric on entering your own bedroom nirvana? Read on my friend. This blog is for you. The answer to your cluttered bedroom dilemma might surprise you. You might actually need less stuff but have it better organised. You may need to "Marie Kondo" the hell out of the place. In case you’ve been living on a des